Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Traditional Caprese Salad

So I found this recipe on Serious Eats.  I am not going to put in a pointer to it because the label has an f-bomb, and this is a classy establishment. I've given you enough hints so you can find the original recipe if you want to. Anyway, I am going to paraphrase.

Traditional Caprese Salad

2 # of a variety of  excellent homegrown tomatoes
12 oz. fresh mozzarella (if you can make it yourself with milk from the local creamery, all the better)
fresh basil
really good olive oil
fresh ground salt and pepper.

Slice or chunk the tomatoes and lay them decoratively on your serving dish. Grind salt directly on to those tomatoes. Tear (yes tear) the mozzarella, and tuck it artfully around the tomatoes. Tear the basil, and add those glorious bits of green to the colorful tomatoes and cheese. Drizzle with lots of olive oil. Grind pepper and salt on top.

So simple.  So good.